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Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm

There is an ancient Arab proverb that says: “The horse is your mirror”, and Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm knows this very well.

Our horses are the mirrors of our passion for selecting, breeding, raising and taking care of them with love.

The Danube horse breed could be called our trademark. The Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm raises more than 40 horses by giving personal and individual care to each of them. We know their features, nature, caprices and capabilities. There are 20 boxes and open paddocks within the farm. We present to you our favourite horses and if you want to meet them in person and learn more – Welcome to Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm.  
The Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm is the place where you could take great enjoyment in amateur horse riding along the picturesque sites in the canyon of the Vit River.  
In Dilchevi Horse Breeding Farm you could go for a ride using the most expensive horse-drawn carriage in Bulgaria pulled by our most beautiful horses or rent it for your holiday/event.
In the near future, we could offer you excellent conditions for rural tourism.